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At Orro, our services are revolutionising the future of your business. 

Our team is focused on protecting your business and your people. Our technology and services deliver speed, simplicity and security that allows you and your team to access, store and share information with anyone, anywhere, at anytime. The future feels like this.® 

With secure network access, teams can work remotely on any device while minimising security risks and ensuring data access, storage and privacy are optimised.

Harness the full power of the cloud with advanced solutions including hybrid and multi-cloud management, serverless computing and containerisation.

We’re redefining the traditional perimeter-based security methodologies by moving towards a more holistic, risk-based approach that includes threat intelligence, user behaviour analytics, and AI/ML-based technologies.

Challenge the traditional office workspace with powerful collaboration tools that allow your team to work securely and seamlessly from anywhere.

In an increasingly connected digital world, time is always of the essence. With ValidPro®, our primary objective is to provide exceptional service and help you get the correct quotation quickly. Using ValidPro®, you benefit from an evolutionary, transparent, and simplified approach to ensure:

Why Us

Orro®. Protecting your business and your people with Securely Connected Everything™.

Disruptive Innovation

Always one step ahead in an ever changing digital landscape to foresee challenges and know what you need before you need it.

Intuitive Collaboration

Fierce focus on collaboration and cross-functional teams, breaking down silos to deliver a more agile and innovative work environment.

Powerful Perception

Our meticulous analysis ensures that our solutions meet the goals and expectations of our end users, now and into the future.

Exceptional Results

With best practice as standard practice, our integration of new technologies delivers revolutionary outcomes for your business and your people.

Upgrading TAFE Queensland’s network to support the next generation of students

In order to bring the best-in-class learning experiences to their students, TAFE Queensland sought Orro’s help to upgrade and future-proof their network.

Data centre network upgrade future-proofs university

Community protection for Townsville City Council – vital in the face of growing cyber threats

Australia Post

Australia Post is one of Australia’s most recognisable and trusted brands, supporting more than 12 million households  across Australia. In 2021, Australia Post completed a milestone network transformation project, which transitioned 4,000 Australia Post sites across the country to high-speed connections and intelligent network management services. 

24×7 Security Operations & Management

Our client is an award winning Australian Financial Services Client with an Australian and International presence with a focus on consumer lending and asset servicing. This client has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Cyber Security | Global Insurer

Our client is an Australian company providing financial services nationwide as well as in 26 other countries. The client is also ranked among the world’s top general insurers.

The future
feels like this.®
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