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Enterprise networks must evolve to meet the demands of the modern workplace. The growth of cloud-based applications and connected devices has led to a surge in network traffic, causing slow connections, frequent disruptions, increased vulnerability to cyber threats, complicated network management and higher operational costs for legacy WANs.

Using Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) as a foundation for Secure Client to Cloud connectivity provides the flexibility to prioritise critical applications, optimise traffic and dynamically adapt to changing network conditions. Featuring encryption, firewall integration and centralised network management, SD-WAN improves both security and network visibility.

Rather than routing all traffic back through a central data centre and relying on VPNs for remote access, SD-WAN improves cloud application performance. For organisations with distributed locations and remote workers, this drives cost savings, improved application performance and streamlined network management.

Enhanced security and greater network visibility

Secure network architecture and design

Our expertise and technical skill in secure network design, combined with our extensive capability in network, OT and cyber security sets us apart in terms of network architecture and design.

Enhanced security and compliance

With advanced encryption protocols and access controls, you can protect data transmission against cyber threats. Segment traffic through secure pathways to ensure data integrity, confidentiality and compliance with government regulations and security standards. 

One Touch Control (OTC)

Our exclusive OTC network management platform provides greater visibility and control over the network. OTC doesn’t replace other vendor dashboards, but provides enhanced network visibility and integrates directly with customer support and ticketing systems. Plus you get access to support staff 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Multi-carrier solutions

With the visibility and power of OTC we can seamlessly manage a multi-carrier environment. This means our network architects can work with clients to ‘pick your carrier’ or ‘bring your own carrier’, creating greater network reliability, redundancy and resilience along with significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Vendor agnostic solution

Our SD-WAN solutions are not tied to a vendor partner or carrier. All of our network solutions are customised and architected to meet the specific requirements of your business. We work with world leading technology providers to deploy the best fit every time.

How we can help

We’ve designed and deployed some of Australia’s largest SD-WAN networks, including Australia’s largest retail branch network. Our expert team has also twice deployed the largest SD-WAN deployments of their type in the world, giving you confidence that our network solutions will keep your business running.

SD-WAN management requires experience, especially considering the diverse needs of different industries. Lessons from one deployment type can offer valuable insights for others.

Our proven track record and dedicated team with expertise in networking, cloud services and cyber security in complex environments will ensure you have visibility, transparency and ongoing optimisation of your network.

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