Compliance and Assurance

Mitigate cyber security risks and ensure compliance to industry standards.

With increased cyber threats to business continuity, revenue and customer relationships, maintaining compliance and providing customers with assurance is a critical component of cyber security.

We take an integrated approach that incorporates industry standards and frameworks essential for strengthening cyber security. This will safeguard both company and customer data and contribute to overall data protection.

Enhance cyber security and minimise risk

To effectively manage your cyber security, it is crucial to understand your risk profile and align risk management strategies with key business objectives. 

Compliance with regulations, including adherence to data privacy laws and industry-specific frameworks, is vital for building trust among customers but also shields organisations from potential penalties and legal repercussions.

Our expert team can identify digital assets vulnerable to cyber attack, audit compliance and controls to ensure network infrastructure meets regulatory requirements, and complete penetration and vulnerability testing to uncover digital vulnerabilities.

We’ll help to identify and remediate any potential security issues before they can be exploited. Our CREST ANZ accredited security testing and assurance services are supported by data analytics to help you understand, categorise, prioritise and resolve any security issues.

Compliance and Assurance Services

From security assessments and compliance auditing to penetration and vulnerability testing, we provide a range of assurance and assessment services for cyber security and risk management.

Compliance and Controls Auditing

A comprehensive audit of your network infrastructure to detect any vulnerabilities or threats and help meet insurance and regulatory requirements. We align to a range of industry specific frameworks to audit your compliance and report any variance requiring remediation.

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment identifies risk in your environment, aligned to your specific business, industry and cyber security requirements. We will share a comprehensive and actionable list of recommendations to mitigate risks and close security gaps.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

GRC reports provide insights that help organisations make informed decisions and create a strong governance framework. This includes an annual cyber security assessment and performance report based on specific roles, responsibilities and accountability across the organisation.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

Our penetration testing capabilities include open-source intelligence (OSINT) and operations security (OPSEC) information gathering and black-box testing, which we use to gauge your network’s cyber defence capabilities. Where requested, we can retest identified vulnerabilities three months after your pentest to ensure all recommended patches have been applied and security gaps closed.

IT/OT Asset Discovery

Our asset discovery and vulnerability capabilities include OT, IIoT and IoT device recognition, industrial protocols across BACNET, Profitnet and Modbus, Passive Agentless, and PLC and SCADA reporting. With this visibility, organisations can maintain an up-to-date inventory of all OT assets, including devices, sensors and controllers, and better understand the attack surface for effective implementation of security controls.

NIST Cyber Security Framework

The NIST framework contains more than 100 best practice security actions across five critical cyber security functions to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from a cyber attack. Our NIST assessment report will enable your organisation to apply a common language and strategy for managing cyber security risk, which will help in prioritising and achieving your cyber security objectives.

ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO 27001 is a robust assessment that uses a collection of international standards to guide organisations to establish strong cyber security. This assessment details requirements for implementing, maintaining and improving an information security management system (ISMS) to increase security across information assets. Organisations that meet the standard’s requirements can be audited and certified by an accredited certification body.

CPS 234

CPS 234 is an information security law designed to ensure that regulated entities can withstand a cyber attack. The key objective is to reduce the risk of an attack while also securing information assets, including those managed by third parties. The regulation makes it clear that the Board is ultimately responsible for data security and requires timely reporting of any data breach or security incident.

How we can help

Our team can help your organisation develop a framework to manage risk, remain compliant and increase your cyber security.

A cyber-first business strategy is best achieved by fostering a common culture that places cyber security at the forefront. We’ll work to streamline operations around this shared culture, ensuring that security is ingrained in every aspect of the business.

Unifying the team through shared policies, decisions and actions for compliance and security is instrumental in promoting a cohesive and effective cyber security strategy. With this collaborative approach you’ll make better decisions and create a robust defence against cyber threats.

Upgrading TAFE Queensland’s network to support the next generation of students

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The University of Sunshine Coast (UniSC) was experiencing a number of hardware and software issues and outages due to their aging data centre.

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24×7 Security Operations & Management

Our client is an award winning Australian Financial Services Client with an Australian and International presence with a focus on consumer lending and asset servicing. This client has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Cyber Security | Global Insurer

Our client is an Australian company providing financial services nationwide as well as in 26 other countries. The client is also ranked among the world’s top general insurers.

Finite Group

The Finite Group is a leading provider of diverse IT solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1998 to offer specialist IT recruitment expertise and people-based services, the Group later expanded in 2003 to offer IT Professional services. 

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