Network Visibility & Incident Response

Detect and respond to cyber threats fast.

You can’t secure what you can’t see. Many organisations don’t have a clear picture of exactly what devices are connected to their network, let alone how secure those devices are. But with more devices being added to the network all the time, the attack surface of an organisation continues to grow almost daily.

24/7 security to keep your business running

Protecting your digital assets requires a strategic approach. Our visibility and response services leverage our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to promptly detect, analyse, investigate and actively respond to threats.

Asset discovery is a critical component in securing critical infrastructure against rising cyber threats. Our asset discovery and vulnerability capabilities include OT, IIoT and IoT device recognition, industrial protocols across BACNET, Profitnet and Modbus, Passive Agentless, and PLC and SCADA reporting. With this visibility, organisations can maintain an up-to-date inventory of all OT assets, including devices, sensors and controllers, and better understand the attack surface for effective implementation of security controls.

How Orro protects your business

A lack of visibility of assets across the extended network is common, and means you don’t know what’s connected, if it’s failing, or if it’s secure.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

We offer MDR services through our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to quickly detect, investigate and respond to threats. Using visibility and intelligence systems, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the cyber threat landscape that allows your organisation to gain back control of what’s happening in your digital environment.

Incident Response

Our proven incident response process allows us to quickly detect, prioritise, contain, and eliminate cyber attacks. Using a range of tools and procedures, our expert team will quickly recognise any significant security incidents, take swift action to stop the attack, mitigate any further damage, and secure your system against any similar future attacks.

Triage and Threat Hunting

Leveraging our SIEM technology, we continuously monitor attacks against our customer base, building an ongoing stream of data related to current or potential threats from a wide variety of threat actors. This constant flow of intelligence enables our team to proactively detect and block malicious traffic across our entire customer base.

Eradication and Recovery

Once our team has contained a cyber attack, we’ll move to find and eliminate the source of the breach. We’ll completely remove the threat from your network, patch systems and apply any updates to ensure there is no remaining malware or security issues. The final step is restoring the network or system to full functionality.

Why choose our network visiblity & incident response services?

Regardless of the size of your business and whether your clients are local or global, the risks posed by cyber security to enterprise network systems have never been higher.

Our visibility and response services can help you protect critical digital assets for both enterprise-grade networks and critical infrastructure. With 24/7 support, our locally owned and operated Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers fast and agile managed cyber security services.

Whether we are providing an extension to your existing support capabilities or managing your security visibility or incident response services, we can proactively monitor and enhance the ongoing performance of your network.

Upgrading TAFE Queensland’s network to support the next generation of students

In order to bring the best-in-class learning experiences to their students, TAFE Queensland sought Orro’s help to upgrade and future-proof their network.

Data Centre Upgrade for the University of Sunshine Coast

The University of Sunshine Coast (UniSC) was experiencing a number of hardware and software issues and outages due to their aging data centre.

Managed Cyber Security for Townsville City Council

Townsville City Council (TCC) engaged Orro to provide a new managed cybersecurity service. TCC was seeking to increase its resilience against threats with an automated approach to cybersecurity.

24×7 Security Operations & Management

Our client is an award winning Australian Financial Services Client with an Australian and International presence with a focus on consumer lending and asset servicing. This client has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Cyber Security | Global Insurer

Our client is an Australian company providing financial services nationwide as well as in 26 other countries. The client is also ranked among the world’s top general insurers.
City Beach

Strengthening City Beach’s Cyber Security Strategy

Learn how Orro helps deliver SIEM, Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing services for imperative 24/7 eyes on glass, and cyber resilience capabilities that provide City Beach with a fit-for-purpose cyber security strategy and roadmap for the future.

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