Cyber Security

Comprehensive cyber security services to detect and resolve security issues before they can be exploited.

Detecting and resolving security issues before they can be exploited is your best chance to avoid a potential cyber attack. With 24/7 support, our state-of-the-art Australian-based Security Operations Centres (SOCs) deliver fast and agile managed cyber security services.

Dynamic Cyber Protection to Keep You Secure

Regardless of the size of your business and whether you operate locally or globally, we’ll deliver advanced cyber security solutions to keep you secure.

Whether we’re providing an extension to your existing support capabilities or managing your security visibility or incident response services, we will proactively monitor and enhance the performance of your network.

From cyber security maturity assessment, to risk management and compliance, we use industry frameworks to deliver comprehensive reports with actionable insights.

Strategy & Risk Management

Identify and control your security weaknesses before they become exploited. Our expert team can design a risk management strategy to safeguard your organisation against cyber security attacks.

Visibility & Response

Protecting your digital assets requires a strategic approach. Our visibility and response services leverage our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to promptly detect, analyse, investigate and actively respond to threats.

Compliance & Assurance

Identify and remediate any potential security issues before they can be exploited. Our CREST ANZ approved security testing and assurance services are supported by data analytics to help you understand, categorise, prioritise and resolve any security issues.

National Cyber Defence Centre

With Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analysts working alongside Pen Testers, Incident Responders, Security Consultants and Architects, we provide a holistic approach to securing your business.

How We Can Help

Using visibility and intelligence systems, we’ll provide you with a complete overview of the cyber threat landscape that allows your organisation to gain back control of what’s happening in your digital environment.

Why Us

Orro®. Protecting your business and your people with Securely Connected Everything™.

Disruptive Innovation

Always one step ahead in an ever changing digital landscape to foresee challenges and know what you need before you need it.

Intuitive Collaboration

Fierce focus on collaboration and cross-functional teams, breaking down silos to deliver a more agile and innovative work environment.

Powerful Perception

Our meticulous analysis ensures that our solutions meet the goals and expectations of our end users, now and into the future.

Exceptional Results

With best practice as standard practice, our integration of new technologies delivers revolutionary outcomes for your business and your people.