Welcome to “Securely Connected Everything,” a dynamic podcast hosted by Michael van Rooyen (MVR), dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between connectivity and security in the digital age. 

Each week, MVR welcomes guests from diverse backgrounds, to shed some light on cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that enhance digital experiences while safeguarding against potential threats.

From exploring the origins and capabilities of innovative solutions, to dissecting the implications of recent acquisitions and advancements in AI-driven analytics, “Securely Connected Everything” offers invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of today’s interconnected digital landscape. 

With a keen focus on providing actionable takeaways and expert analysis, this podcast serves as an indispensable resource for anyone invested in ensuring the seamless and secure operation of their digital infrastructure.

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Join Michael van Rooyen (MVR) as he delves into the realm of cybersecurity with Corrine Vermak, the Director of Cybersecurity for Australia and New Zealand at Cisco.
Unlock the full potential of cloud services and shatter the myth that migration is a one-and-done deal as MVR sits down for an enlightening chat with Jonathan Plaskow and Nathan Wright.
Embark on a critical journey into the heart of cybersecurity as MVR sits down with Michael Murphy from Fortinet to dissect the frontlines of operational technology and infrastructure protection.
Discover the cutting-edge world of network visibility and observability as host MVR sits down with Heath Russell, ThousandEyes’ technical solution architect, in a session that will revolutionise your understanding of digital infrastructure.
In this episode, Michael van Rooyen (MVR) engages in a deep dive conversation with Greg Yelas, the regional sales leader at Juniper, responsible for overseeing the go-to-market strategy for the MIST portfolio.
Join Michael van Rooyen (MVR) in part two of his enlightening conversation with Kevin Bloch from Bloch Advisory and former CTO of Cisco ANZ.