Unveiling Enhanced Functionality: Exciting Updates to Our Robust OneTouch Control Customer Platform

Unveiling Enhanced Functionality: Exciting Updates to Our Robust OneTouch Control Customer Platform
Get ready to dive into an exciting new chapter as we unveil the latest enhancements to our trusted One Touch Control platform.

Here at Orro, we’re always striving to enhance your experience, and this time, we’ve taken our already robust platform and added even more functionality and convenience.

Introducing CMDB View: Unifying Perspectives.

Embarking on a seamless journey through all your assets and services has never been easier, thanks to our new CMDB View. This latest update offers a unified view, bringing together all your CMDB items, from assets to services, in one comprehensive interface. With this interconnected view, you can effortlessly navigate through your entire ecosystem, gaining valuable insights into how each component interacts with the others. It’s a significant leap forward in our commitment to providing you with a holistic and streamlined experience, where every piece of the puzzle fits together seamlessly.



New Performance Dashboard: Your Window to Real-Time Insights

Step into a new era of transparency with our brand-new Performance Dashboard. Whether you’re accessing it within the portal or projecting it onto a big screen in full-page view, this powerful tool provides real-time insights directly from our systems. From tracking ticketing metrics and SLA adherence to anticipating upcoming planned outages, it’s your comprehensive guide to our operations. Stay informed, stay ahead, and make decisions with confidence, knowing you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Performance Dashboard


Site Health Summary: Gain Insights into Your Network’s Health

We have rolled out the Site Health Summary in our Network Management section. This new feature offers a comprehensive overview of each site’s health, including device counts, site availability, and key events. With customisable intervals and an interactive interface, staying on top of your network’s health has never been easier. Keep your network running smoothly and make informed decisions with the Site Health Summary.

Site Health Summary


Need assistance accessing any of these exciting new features or interested in a demonstration? Reach out to your Service Delivery Manager (SDM) or account manager today for personalised assistance and guidance. We’re here to ensure you maximise the utility of these robust tools, providing you with transparency and visibility into your network’s health and operations. Contact Us today.

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