Secure Workspace offers a safe space in the new normal

As the COVID-19 pandemic forever changes the way we work, it's vital to ensure that your people can remain productive working from anywhere, on any device, without compromising on security.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forever changes the way we work, it’s vital to ensure that your people can remain productive working from anywhere, on any device, without compromising on security.

The pandemic has finally severed the already tenuous link between what people do and where they do it. With the decoupling of productivity from an office desk, your “workspace” is wherever you can carve out some time and space to work.

The dining room is the new conference room. That’s unlikely to change once the pandemic eases and we settle into the so-called “new normal”. The world has changed and organisations must change along with it.

Going forward, many organisations will employ what Forrester calls an “anywhere-plus-office hybrid” model, with more people working outside the office more often. The number of employees working remotely will eventually decline, but is predicted to remain at least 300 per cent above pre-pandemic levels.

With this shift, the concept of the traditional office network perimeter, acting as the cornerstone of a secure work environment, is well and truly dead.

Of course, we can’t give up on security, it’s actually more important than ever as bad actors attempt to take advantage of the chaos caused by the pandemic. For example, ransomware attacks continue to increase in numbers and severity – with a 60 per cent jump in attacks against Australian entities in the past year, according to the Federal government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Instead of compromising security in the name of remote productivity, organisations need to redefine security to meet people’s needs based on what they’re doing, rather than where they’re doing it.

Tackling this challenge demands thinking beyond the office walls and transforming IT with one platform to easily manage and secure all your endpoints. Security needs to move out to the edge. This requires holistic, multi-level security – with identity and device posture more important than location – so users can focus on getting things done.

Orro’s Secure Workspace offers a unified platform from which to launch and engage all the applications your users require, customised to your organisation. It aligns with your business needs to provide your staff with the technology, support and security to remain productive and work effectively, anywhere, anytime, on any device – whatever their requirements.

The Secure Workspace Hub is available across virtually every device including Windows 10, macOS, Chrome OS and mobile devices including iOS and Android. In addition, it can be accessed via a browser. Using access policies, the ability to open and run applications can be restricted to ensure that company information remains secure.

Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication can be configured across applications to meet varying security requirements. This ensures access to confidential or sensitive data requires additional security prompts, for a better user experience while ensuring security compliance is met.

This approach delivers a flexible digital workspace without sacrificing security or productivity. It improves security posture and compliance, while allowing teams to collaborate remotely via chat, meetings, sharing, calling, events and more.

As a cloud-based solution which shifts CAPEX to more manageable OPEX, Orro’s Secure Workspace delivers agility to scale quickly. Low-touch provisioning of new or replacement devices, combined with continuous data backup, enhances business continuity by ensuring workers can recover quickly in the event of a disaster.


The way we view the workplace has changed forever. With that shift, we need to transform the way we view our workspace, ensuring productivity and security go hands-in-hand wherever we work.






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