Cyber Security

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15 August 2023

Uncovering Hidden Threats with a Cyber Risk Assessment

The increasing reliance on digital infrastructure in our deeply interconnected world has rendered organisations susceptible to cyber threats. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cyber incidents continue to occur, causing severe financial losses, reputational damage and legal consequences for the organisations impacted.
26 April 2023

Keeping workers productive and secure

With the hybrid workplace seemingly here to stay, Orro’s Secure Workspace ensures your people remain productive while working from anywhere, on any device, without compromising on security.
29 March 2023

Prepare for the worst to reduce the impact of cyber incidents

Rehearsing and refining your cyber incident response plans ensures you can minimise the damage if attackers manage to breach your defences.
7 March 2023

Combating the biggest cyber security challenges facing enterprises

It can be said that the only constant in the world of cyber security, is change. Cyber threats are evolving more rapidly than ever, with both the technology and people behind the cyber attacks becoming more and more sophisticated.
21 February 2023

Cyber security and risk management

The cyber security threat landscape continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate. News headlines are constantly reporting the latest cyber attack, inevitably leading to financial and reputational damage to the businesses caught up in the data breach.
14 February 2023

A perfect partnership delivers job-ready cyber graduates

Across Australia, around 18,000 graduates are currently required annually, to fill vacancies in cyber security. Within this rapidly growing industry, the need for job-ready graduates has never been higher, with demand outstripping the number of graduates each year.