5 reasons to move to hybrid cloud with Orro today

Every day, the business world becomes more unpredictable. That’s why business leaders are looking for greater certainty and control, wherever they can find it.

Every day, the business world becomes more unpredictable. That’s why business leaders are looking for greater certainty and control, wherever they can find it.

They need options for wrestling back control over their technology to better manage their costs and risk – all without slowing their business down. But their infrastructure needs to support a mix of both current and next-gen applications, all of which have different infrastructure needs and competing service priorities.

This is why we’re seeing more organisations making the switch to hybrid cloud. It provides them with the optimum mix of performance and control.

Here are 5 reasons to move to hybrid cloud with Orro today:

  1. Controlling costs and eliminating sticker shock

    Although public cloud was once touted as a fast way to cut storage and infrastructure costs, many businesses have realised the grass isn’t always greener. As they’ve moved more of their workloads over to the public cloud, they’ve suffered from sticker shock when the real costs of public cloud are revealed.

    According to Gartner, spending on public cloud services in Australia is expected to increase by 18.4 percent over 2020 to reach $10.6 billion.

    Rather than overspending on cloud resources that end up being drastically underutilised, hybrid cloud enables organisations to send certain workloads and applications to public cloud – while keeping business-critical applications and data on-premise where it makes sense for controlling costs.

  1. Powering innovation and speed to market
    Every business needs to be constantly developing innovative new digital products and services to remain relevant, with IDC predicting that 65% of APAC GDP will be digitalised, reaching US$ 1.2 trillion in spending by 2022.

    Speed is the name of the game when it comes to the go-to-market timeframes today’s app developers have to work with. At the same time, most organisations are still dealing with a mix of both cloud-native and cloud-enabled applications in their development pipeline.

    For this reason, developers need access to the secure and always-on compute power of on-premise infrastructure, combined with the scalable resources offered by the public cloud.

  1. Securing workloads and managing compliance 
    No matter the industry, every organisation is trying to cope with the ever-growing burden of regulatory compliance.

    Given the significant risks of data breaches and outages, regulators have placed strict conditions on the infrastructure environments required to manage certain datasets and workloads. Organisations need a manageable way to move workloads, applications and data between public/private clouds and on-premise infrastructure to meet their compliance obligations.

    This is where hybrid cloud offers the secure control they need for efficiently managing compliance.

  1. Switching to a consumption-based model 
    To achieve the secure control required to manage costs, risks and compliance, the average enterprise would need massive capital outlays for on-premise infrastructure that they may or may not use. Because of this, control has been balanced against costs.

    Thankfully, consumption-based models for hybrid cloud infrastructure now allow organisations to get the best of both worlds. They can easily manage and pay for only the storage and compute resources they need, without having to pay for unnecessary and underutilised resources.

  1. Reducing infrastructure management complexity 

    Between public/private clouds and on-premise infrastructure, IT teams have a tall task in trying to manage these dynamic new tech environments.

    Few businesses have the in-house skillsets and expertise to manage multiple infrastructure environments, which leads to an over reliance on on-premise infrastructure.

When it comes to securing the ultimate Cloud solution for your business, Orro has you covered.

Orro has the ideal solution for organisations who want to make the switch to hybrid cloud today. Our full SDDC stack from VMware with composable infrastructure from HPE Synergy enables organisations to achieve their infrastructure goals of improved performance, constant control, and efficient agility.

Offered through an easy-to-manage consumption-based model organisations can easily control their infrastructure needs.

With Orro’s industry-leading servicing and support, we can help you begin leveraging new opportunities for automation and workload optimisation where it makes sense for your business.





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