Securely Connected Everything 5: Guarding the Grid: Cybersecurity Strategies for Operational Technology and Infrastructure

Embark on a critical journey into the heart of cybersecurity as MVR sits down with Michael Murphy from Fortinet to dissect the frontlines of operational technology and infrastructure protection.

This episode guarantees a rich exploration into the sophisticated strategies required to shield our interconnected critical systems from the increasingly perilous cyber landscape. Michael unpacks the motivations driving hackers, ranging from monetary incentives to ideological battles, and their potential to disrupt our physical world. Discover how the expanse of operational technology widens the attack surface, and learn why partnerships like those with Fortinet are pivotal in curating a secure future.

As we peel back the layers of IT-OT integration, Michael highlights the delicate balance needed to apply IT security without hampering the essential operations of our infrastructures. We analyze the Critical Infrastructure Act’s role in promoting exceptional cyber hygiene and the government’s proactive measures to enhance national security. Through Michael’s expertise, we uncover the essence of swift incident response and the collaborative efforts encouraged among various industry sectors. Tune in for an enlightening session that not only informs but offers tangible steps for organizations to bolster their defenses against the cyber threats lurking in the shadows of our digital age.

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