Securely Connected Everything S2-8: From Help Desk to Hero: Conquering Cybersecurity with Jason Duerden

What if your small business could fend off sophisticated cyberattacks with the same prowess as a large corporation?

What if your small business could fend off sophisticated cyberattacks with the same prowess as a large corporation? Meet Jason Duerden, Regional Director for Australia and New Zealand at SentinelOne, as he recounts his extraordinary journey from a support role to a top leadership position in the ever-evolving tech industry. Jason shares eye-opening insights into the changing cybersecurity landscape, underscoring the importance of technical acumen in effective management. Discover how the traditional ‘moat and walls’ security strategy has given way to modern endpoint detection and response, and how the industry has pivoted post-COVID, with Australia and New Zealand leading as early adopters in tech innovation.

Ransomware isn’t just a nuisance anymore; it’s a multi-million-dollar enterprise. In our conversation, Jason unpacks the alarming rise of ransomware as a service, credential theft, and phishing, highlighting their devastating impacts on small to mid-sized businesses and crucial sectors like telecommunications and healthcare. Learn how adversaries are continually evolving, employing AI deepfakes for financial fraud, and using democratised cyber-offensive tools to breach even well-protected systems. By sharing real-world examples, this episode stresses the critical need for robust cybersecurity strategies and constant vigilance.

Balancing government policy and industry self-regulation is no small feat, especially in the Australian telecommunications sector. Jason discusses the collaborative efforts spearheaded by the Tech Policy Design Centre at Australian National University to strike a middle ground. We delve into the advancements in SentinelOne’s extended detect and response (XDR) technology and its tailored applications in the ANZ markets. As we wrap up, Jason offers invaluable advice on tackling burnout and stresses the importance of continuous education in an industry that’s always a step ahead. Listen in for a compelling discussion filled with expert insights and actionable advice.

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