Securely Connected Everything 4: From Troubleshooting to Optimisation: True Beauty Lies in the ThousandEyes of the Beholder

Discover the cutting-edge world of network visibility and observability as host MVR sits down with Heath Russell, ThousandEyes' technical solution architect, in a session that will revolutionise your understanding of digital infrastructure.

As ThousandEyes joins forces with Cisco, we navigate the complexities of modern network monitoring and the indispensable role of active techniques in managing SaaS applications. Heath takes us from the inception of ThousandEyes at an academic level to its current status as a critical player in Cisco’s toolkit, offering a lens into the deployment of agents that ensure digital experiences remain seamless.

The conversation heats up as we unpack Cisco’s strategic acquisition of Splunk, a move that’s reshaping the tech giant’s approach towards a software-driven future and its quest for recurring revenue. This integration not only fortifies Cisco’s security landscape but also brings about a new era of enhanced network analytics. Heath sheds light on the synergy between ThousandEyes and Cisco’s broader security ambitions, and we get an exclusive peek at the AI-fueled predictive capabilities now in the testing phase with Meraki, poised to transform SD-WAN management.

Wrapping up, we venture into the expanding universe of network visibility tools, where Cisco’s acquisitions of SamKnows and Exceeding are setting new benchmarks for monitoring and device management. Heath walks us through the transformative impact these technologies have on mobility, IoT, and the next wave of 5G networks, ensuring that every byte of data contributes to an intelligent, AI-optimized network. For those hungry for more, the ThousandEyes blog awaits, brimming with insights on the backbone of our digital world. Join us for a journey through the nuances of network stability and the heroes dissecting each SaaS hiccup to keep our digital domains running smoothly.

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