Orro’s Secure Workspace for Today’s Work Environment

With the hybrid workplace seemingly here to stay, Orro's Secure Workspace ensures your people remain productive while working from anywhere, on any device, without compromising on security.

With the hybrid workplace seemingly here to stay, Orro’s Secure Workspace ensures your people remain productive while working from anywhere, on any device, without compromising on security.

Permanently moving into the hybrid workplace

After the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, a cautious return to the workplace saw many employees continue to work from home at least one day each week. With the pandemic having severed the link between productivity and proximity, many organisations have decided to permanently adopt the hybrid workplace in order to offer employees a better work/life balance.

Australia is leading the way, with 34 per cent of employees working partly from home and partly in the office – a higher percentage than in the UK, US or Canada – according to a report from global tech provider Adaptavist.

The need for secure remote access

With this shift, Australian organisations can no longer rely on the concept of the traditional office network perimeter to act as the cornerstone of a secure work environment. Instead of compromising security in order to support remote productivity, security must now be redefined to meet every employee’s needs regardless of their role or location.

Organisations can no longer rely on the traditional network perimeter to secure the work environment.

Offering secure remote access is made more challenging by the fact that some employees might require access to both in-house hosted applications and SaaS platforms, without compromising on the security or performance of either. Traditional VPN-based remote access solutions lack the flexibility and granular security controls to meet such needs and are often seen as an operational overhead for the end user

These challenges don’t just apply in the hybrid office. They also apply to a wide range of other work environments where employees are constantly on the move and jumping between end devices, but require a consistent user experience, such as doctors, nurses and administrative staff working in a busy hospital.

Orro’s Secure Workspace keeps today’s workers productive and secure

Orro’s Secure Workspace is a fully managed service which extends security to the edge. It offers the ability to manage and secure any end device, to ensure employees have access to exactly what they need to do their job, where and when they need it.

This solution supports a Zero Trust Network Architecture. Sometimes referred to as the software-defined perimeter, Zero Trust is an identity-driven approach to security which focuses less on where you are and more on who you are, what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

Along with addressing the security challenges of a distributed workforce, Secure Workspace is also designed to meet the challenges of supporting a wide range of employee types and use cases within a single organisation.

Secure Workspace supports Next Gen workers who only require browser-based SaaS access, as well as Task-based workers who access all their apps via a hosted desktop.

Beyond this, it also handles the needs of Hybrid workers who require access to a combination of SaaS and applications that reside in the data centre, as well as Vertical / Power users who need a full desktop with significant compute requirements.

While meeting the needs of these various employees, Secure Workspace can support a mix of managed and unmanaged devices including BYOD, as well as offer unified endpoint management, all through a single platform.

Unmanaged devices can support self-service access to a curated range of apps in any location. Meanwhile, managed devices also support one-touch Single Sign-On, with automatic email and Wi-Fi configuration. On managed devices, administrators can enforce enterprise app-level data policies, as well as data loss prevention policies including the ability to remotely wipe.

When it comes to unified endpoint management, Secure Workspace offers full “out-of-the- box” configuration. This includes enforcing device-level data policies, as well as full device attestation and auto-remediation.

In the context of healthcare, the Secure Workspace solution can support a fully-digital hospital.

The Orro Secure Workspace solution underpins productivity, making it ideal for deployment across many industry sectors. In the context of healthcare for example, the Orro Secure Workspace solution can support a fully-digital hospital, where a range of medical practitioners and administrative staff need to securely manage patient care through a variety of touchpoints. Not only using desktop and laptop computers in consulting rooms and nursing stations, but also using the wide range of devices which are rolled into surgery and to the patient’s bedside.

The convenience of Single Sign-On and Follow Me Desktops ensures that everyone working the hospital can quickly, easily and securely access everything they need for the task at hand, regardless of the device.

At the same time, the granular controls of the Zero Trust security model ensure that patient data can only be accessed by the right people, in the right place at the right time – including doctors providing remote bedside consultations. All while complying with regulated health standards, data privacy regulations and other requirements.

This is just one example of how Orro’s Secure Workspace is meeting the needs of workers across all sectors who need to remain connected, productive and secure wherever they’re working.

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