How Orro is using SASE to transform the future of business connectivity

As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, more organisations are on the lookout for innovative ways to simplify their network infrastructure, enhance security and improve connectivity for remote workers and branch offices.

Enter SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), an advanced technology framework that has transformed business connectivity. This network architecture incorporates technologies such as Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), zero-trust security, secure web gateways, firewall as a service and more, all within a unified and scalable framework.

SASE is helping to address the challenges posed by the increasing use of cloud applications, the rise of remote work and the need for robust security measures in modern network environments.

In a SASE model, security and networking functions are delivered as a service from the cloud, typically through a subscription-based model. This approach allows organisations to move away from the traditional perimeter-based security model and instead focus on delivering security controls and policies directly to users and devices wherever they are located.

For users, this means a single cloud-based service that provides secure, optimised access to applications and data, regardless of their location or the device they are using.

Evolution of SASE

The introduction of SASE over the last five years has allowed organisations to streamline their network architecture while reducing overall costs and elevating security.

But just as the digital landscape continues its evolutionary path, so too has SASE. Originally focused on providing secure access to cloud applications, SASE has evolved as cloud technology has become more widely adopted. Now SASE provides a broader range of security services, including Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Firewall as a Service (FWaaS).

Critically, SASE also lays the foundation for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) as a more secure way to access applications and data than traditional network security models. This approach ensures that only authorised users and devices can access critical resources, effectively mitigating the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches.

At Orro, we call this Secure Client to Cloud, because it provides seamless and secure access to cloud, internet and on-premises applications.

Simplifying secure network architecture

Traditional network architecture often involves complex and fragmented setups with multiple security appliances and point solutions. SASE consolidates these functionalities into a unified cloud-native platform, resulting in simplified and streamlined network architecture. By reducing the need for hardware and physical infrastructure, SASE significantly cuts down operational costs and management overheads.

Seamlessly connecting remote workers and branch offices

The rise of remote work and the increasing number of branch offices have posed unique challenges for organisations in terms of connectivity and security. SASE solves this challenge by providing a flexible and secure connection for remote workers and branch offices to the cloud and internet. This enables teams to access business applications and data from anywhere without compromising security.

With SASE, remote workers and branch offices benefit from enhanced network performance, reduced latency and improved user experience. SASE’s cloud-native architecture ensures that traffic is dynamically routed through the optimal path, leading to faster and more efficient data transfer.

Transforming connectivity with Secure Client to Cloud

As a leading provider of cutting-edge networking solutions, Orro offers a comprehensive SASE implementation to provide organisations with consistent, fast and secure connection.

The Orro Secure Client to Cloud solution incorporates a wide range of services, including cloud-delivered security, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking), secure web gateways, and zero-trust access controls. This integration ensures that businesses can deploy a unified and scalable SASE platform tailored to their specific requirements, industry vertical and size.

SASE is transforming the future of business connectivity by offering a secure, scalable and efficient solution for modern network architecture. By simplifying network infrastructure, reducing costs and elevating security, organisations can confidently embrace digital transformation and empower their workforce with seamless access to critical resources.

With SASE, businesses can effortlessly connect remote workers and branch offices to the cloud and internet while ensuring robust security through a zero-trust model. Orro’s Secure Client to Cloud approach brings together best-in-class solutions to deliver a comprehensive and reliable SASE platform that caters to the evolving needs of businesses.

As organisations continue to embrace cloud computing, remote work and digital expansion, SASE has emerged as a game-changing technology that paves the way for a more connected, agile and secure future of business connectivity..


Supercharge your network for faster, secure and flexible access

Our team can help your organisation implement Orro’s SASE-based Secure Client to Cloud solution to deliver fast, secure network, internet and cloud access to your team, no matter where they are working.

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