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Mitigate risk with intelligently secure services.

Regardless of the size of your business and whether your clients are local or global, the risks posed by cyber security to enterprise network systems have never been higher. 

Our MDR services can help you protect critical digital assets for both enterprise-grade networks and critical infrastructure. 

With 24/7 support, our locally owned and operated Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers fast and agile managed cyber security services. 

Whether we are providing an extension to your existing support capabilities or managing your security visibility or incident response services, we can proactively monitor and enhance the ongoing performance of your network.

What are MDR services & how can we help?

Protecting your digital assets requires a strategic approach. Our MDR services are delivered leveraging our Security Operations Centre (SOC) to promptly detect, analyse, investigate and actively respond to threats. Using visibility and intelligence systems, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the cyber threat landscape that allows your organisation to gain back control of what’s happening in your digital environment.

What does MDR include?

Our technical services are delivered in a domain-specific context to help you solve industry challenges.

Email Gateway Service

Our email gateway service provides comprehensive security layers to your business’ email to signal and prevent advanced attacks from compromising your communications, harvesting your credentials, or taking over your account.

SIEM & Threat Intelligence

Our proactive, intelligence-driven SIEM and Threat Intelligence solution greatly reduces the risk of false positives and delivers tangible visibility into legitimate attacks.

Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service

Orro can pinpoint the vulnerabilities that pose the most significant risk to your critical digital services by combining attack surface visibility with attack vector analytics. 

Incident Response

Time is of the essence when under attack. Our evolutionary team of experts can measure the scope of an incident and immediately respond to maintain the integrity of your digital environment. 


With ransomware on the rise and endpoint management becoming increasingly difficult, Orro’s Endpoint-as-a-Service keeps your data and devices safe with leading detection and response capabilities. 

Phishing Simulation

With a wealth of experience and exposure to the intricacies of phishing attacks, Orro’s Phishing-as-a-Service is an all-encompassing solution designed to keep your staff acute to threats, and your data safe and secure.  

Dark Web Intelligence

Our dark web monitoring platform is an efficient and effective risk-based solution designed to deliver actionable intelligence against hazardous dark web threats. 

Upgrading TAFE Queensland’s network to support the next generation of students

In order to bring the best-in-class learning experiences to their students, TAFE Queensland sought Orro’s help to upgrade and future-proof their network.

Data centre network upgrade future-proofs university

Community protection for Townsville City Council – vital in the face of growing cyber threats

24×7 Security Operations & Management

Our client is an award winning Australian Financial Services Client with an Australian and International presence with a focus on consumer lending and asset servicing. This client has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Cyber Security | Global Insurer

Our client is an Australian company providing financial services nationwide as well as in 26 other countries. The client is also ranked among the world’s top general insurers.

Finite Group

The Finite Group is a leading provider of diverse IT solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1998 to offer specialist IT recruitment expertise and people-based services, the Group later expanded in 2003 to offer IT Professional services. 

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