Securely Connected Everything S2-2: Defending Across the Ditch: Navigating New Zealand’s Tech Landscape with Daryl Isaac

Join the conversation with Daryl Isaac, the tech wizard behind Liquid IT, as he shares an intricate tapestry of tales from the IT frontline, tracing back to the dawn of desktop as a service in New Zealand.

With a career that reads like a history book of technological advancements, Daryl brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a ‘fail-fast’ philosophy that is as refreshing as it is enlightening. We navigate through the hallways of his professional life, from the early days at Saturn Telecommunications to the strategic expansion of Liquid IT, where cloud, connectivity, and security converge in a harmonious dance of innovation.

Saddle up for a ride through the undulating landscape of New Zealand’s tech scene, where the internet is as fast as the ideas that travel through it. This episode peels back the layers on how New Zealand’s broadband services are sculpting the future of cybersecurity and cloud services. Plus, we’re examining the ripple effects of AI across various business sectors and digging into strategies to combat the global tech talent drought, with a special focus on nurturing homegrown cybersecurity expertise.

As we round off our techno-savvy expedition, we examine the influence of tech titans planting their data centers on New Zealand’s soil and the nation’s journey towards hybrid cloud bliss. Daryl shines a light on the murky waters surrounding Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and cuts through the jargon to reveal the true essence of this cybersecurity approach. We’re not just stopping at the present; we’re peeking into the crystal ball to forecast the tech advancements that will shape New Zealand’s future. From the promising horizons of 5G and private LTE to the pivotal role of satellite connectivity in remote areas, this conversation is your first-class ticket to understanding the forces driving innovation in the land of the long white cloud.

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