Securely Connected Everything S2-3: Shaping the Future of Industry: A Deep Dive into IoT Innovation with Ross Delacour

Unlock the future of industry with Ross Delacour, Cisco's seasoned expert, and learn how secure connectivity is revolutionizing sectors from manufacturing to transportation.

Our enlightening discussion uncovers the critical role of partnerships in expanding IoT use cases, the transformative power of digitization, and the complexities of modernizing legacy systems without compromising security. Get ready to see how industries are getting smarter, safer, and more cost-efficient through the eyes of a veteran with 17 years in the vanguard of technological evolution.

Ever wondered how AI spots a pothole before you do? Join us as we reveal the wonders of AI, machine learning, and edge computing in industrial IoT strategies, with Ross Delacour from Cisco. Together, we dissect real-world applications like the AI-enabled pothole detection on New South Wales buses, demonstrating proactive infrastructure maintenance. We’ll also explore the rise of edge computing and its necessity for immediate data processing, and dive into the ongoing 5G versus private LTE network debate through practical, on-the-ground IoT strategies.

As we gaze into the crystal ball of IoT, with Ross as our guide, we discuss the impact of various connectivity technologies and their cost-effectiveness, including 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and Cisco’s wireless backhaul solutions. We’ll tackle the big questions: Will 5G overshadow Wi-Fi? How are low-orbit satellite networks like Starlink changing the game for industries? Plus, we’ll get a glimpse into Cisco’s roadmap post-Splunk acquisition and its potential ripple effects on IoT and OT markets. Embrace the convergence of tech as we forecast an electrifying horizon for industry and IoT alike.

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