Securely Connected Everything 7: Securing Tomorrow: Cisco’s Cyber Vision

Join Michael van Rooyen (MVR) as he delves into the realm of cybersecurity with Corrine Vermak, the Director of Cybersecurity for Australia and New Zealand at Cisco.

In this episode, Vermak shares her journey from the frontline of cybersecurity to her current leadership role, offering valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital defense. From the challenges of resource scarcity to the imperative of partnership between vendors and clients, Vermak provides a comprehensive overview of the cybersecurity paradigm shift.

Listeners can expect to gain a deep understanding of the significant trends impacting the cybersecurity industry, from the imperative of doing more with less to the challenges posed by multi-cloud environments and hybrid work models. Vermak’s discussion of the role of artificial intelligence in dynamic policy decisions and extended detection and response sheds light on Cisco’s innovative approach to cybersecurity. With practical advice for enhancing cybersecurity postures, this episode offers invaluable guidance for businesses navigating the complexities of digital security. Tune in to explore Cisco’s vision and strategy for fortifying digital futures in an increasingly interconnected world.

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