Securely Connected Everything 6: Beyond the Horizon: Adapting for Digital Evolution Post-Pandemic with Mark Hind – Part 1

How has the COVID-19 pandemic transformed technology demands in critical industries like aviation and education? Join us in a compelling conversation with Mark Hind, Chief Technology Enablement Officer at Air Services Australia, as he shares his extraordinary career journey, from humble beginnings in a small IT shop to leading significant initiatives in both the Queensland Department of Education and Air Services. Discover how the pandemic has heightened expectations for flawless tech performance and the vital role of Air Services in managing air traffic control and firefighting services across Australia.

Explore the dual nature of AI in education and the workplace with Mark, who candidly discusses its role as both an enabler and a potential disruptor. From chalkboards to digital classrooms, the evolution of educational tools underscores the necessity for students to develop adaptive learning skills. Reflecting on past controversies like mobile phone use in classrooms, we highlight the growing demands for immediacy and reliability in technology, emphasising the need for evolving policies and infrastructures to keep pace with rapid advancements.

Uncover the intricate world of cybersecurity and the challenges of talent acquisition in heavy engineering organisations. Mark sheds light on the essential balance between engineering and technical workforces, the importance of a diverse talent pipeline, and the shift from open to secure systems to counter commercialised cyber threats. Through vivid analogies, he illustrates the strategies needed to maintain high uptime and security in hyperconnected environments. Don't miss this insightful episode filled with practical strategies and thought-provoking discussions.

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