Securely Connected Everything 1: Unravelling the Future of Technology with Kevin Bloch – Part 1

In this episode of Securely Connected Everything, host Michael van Rooyen (MVR) engages in a dynamic discussion with Kevin Bloch, former CTO for Australia and New Zealand at Cisco and founder of Bloch Advisory.

The conversation delves into Bloch’s transition from a corporate role to running his own advisory firm, shedding light on the motivations driving this shift. With insights gained from over two decades in the tech sector, Bloch offers valuable perspectives on the current technological landscape and emerging market trends.

Bloch emphasizes the importance of understanding and leveraging new technologies across various industries, highlighting the ubiquitous impact of technological advancements. From cybersecurity to managed services, Bloch identifies recurring themes and investment opportunities, drawing on his extensive experience working with startups and established enterprises alike. He emphasizes the critical role of strategic planning in navigating the evolving tech landscape, stressing the need for businesses to leverage tools like AI and cloud computing to stay ahead.

Throughout the conversation, Bloch and van Rooyen explore the intersection of technology and strategy, touching on topics such as prompt engineering, skill shortages, and the evolving role of hardware in cloud computing. They discuss the imperative for organizations to adapt and innovate in response to technological advancements, underscoring the importance of staying abreast of emerging trends to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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