Orro Parental Leave Policy

We’re excited to offer this comprehensive and competitive parental leave policy to support our people and their families through one of life’s most exciting stages.

16 weeks paid parental leave for primary carers
10 days parental leave for secondary carers
Paid parental leave to supplement above and beyond local legislative schemes
Ability to take parental leave at half pay to extend leave period
Gender neutral entitlements
Superannuation paid on unpaid leave ‘as if worked’ for up to 12 months
Incentive payment on return from leave for the primary carer
Flexible working arrangements, including part time and majority remote working
Global policy for Orro staff across all countries
6 months minimum service period for eligibility
Orro ‘keep in touch’ program
Casual work option during unpaid leave
Stillborn/Loss compassionate leave
Additional solo parent parental leave

Additionally, we offer the following life stage benefits, which can be broken up and taken in hours if needed:

    • 2 days of paid fertility leave (to support individuals undergoing fertility treatment)
    • 6 days of paid menstruation/menopause leave.