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Learn how Orro helped a large regional Council realise an IoT network architecture strategy document to best assess and integrate IoT products and services for their “Smart City” initiatives.

Smart City Technical Architecture


Orro was engaged by a large regional Council to create an Internet of Things (IoT) network architecture strategy document to assess the adoption of, and the integration of IoT products and services for the deployment (or adoption) of their “Smart City” initiatives.  Council was exploring several potential IoT projects such as smart water metering, sound sensors, environmental monitoring and CCTV.

Added to this was the ongoing transition and migration work within the IT and OT networks.  To avoid multiple siloed solutions being created, this engagement was designed to provide the high-level technical architecture for IoT for the Council.  As part of the project, Orro was asked to run a Smart Water Metering pilot and engage and evaluate appropriate technologies and vendors including communication network and sensor options.


Through a number of workshops and consultative engagements, Orro created a collaborative Internet of Things (IoT) target state architecture design document that focussed on creating a modular network and security architecture. We also ran a Smart Water Metering pilot that addressed key requirements outlined by Council through the implementation of a structured and collaborative approach to the project.

The business requirements that were addressed included:

  • Development and delivery of an intelligent water metering pilot across 1500 homes, including;
    • The sensors
    • Communications
    • Data Management
  • Consistent architectural approach to Council’s IoT and wider Smart City Framework
  • A post pilot detailed report supporting a wider roll out

This engagement met and exceeded Council’s expectations for an innovative Smart Water Meter Pilot, while building a blueprint to grow and accommodate other IoT devices within Council’s network as required.

The key components delivered for this works were:

  • Deriving Council’s IoT requirements from the relevant stakeholders
  • Reviewing of any current IoT network and security architectures, policies, standards and artefacts
  • Identifying the IoT systems and services that may be adopted by the City
  • Defining the technical guiding principles for the underlying network, security and subsystems that will be used for the IoT ‘Smart City’ network
  • Provided a target state architecture design document that is utilised as a reference for:
    • The construction and modularisation of new IoT environments and services
    • The detailed design phase for each subsystem; and
  • Provide a gap analysis between current state and desired state.


Council now has a blueprint that understands the current challenges and recommends a high-level technical architecture for the adoption of IoT services to support their Smart City initiatives. This design delivers both a standardised platform that addresses the current issues, whilst providing a flexible and modular approach that will support Council’s key business drivers.

The customer name has been withheld due to confidentiality.  More information can be provided by contacting Orro directly.

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