McGrath Executive Suites

Located in the heart of Sydney’s business district the company provides serviced offices, virtual offices and a wide range of boardroom spaces to start-ups, solicitors, accountants and other professionals.

Connectivity, security and reliability is everything for McGrath Executive suites.

Every one of these businesses relies on McGrath to provide bespoke technology solutions to meet their demanding needs. In turn, McGrath turns to Orro to deliver a flexible and reliable SD-WAN network, managed services and collaboration tools.

Interest in flexible working solutions has surged around the world since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, as post-pandemic workplace practices change. A recent global real estate survey found that 86 per cent of commercial tenants view flexible office space as a key part of their operating future. More recently, companies such as Dropbox and Facebook have looked at incorporating flexible office hubs into their work strategies.

The Business Challenge

When McGrath first came to Orro the company’s aging telephony system was nearing the end of its life, which had been causing ongoing performance issues and even impacting McGrath’s ability to on-sell its services.

McGrath needed a partner prepared to invest the time and resource to fully understand their environment and business requirements, and who could provide a consistent consulting and support experience to give them confidence in providing the services their customers require.

One specific issue that many metropolitan workers can empathise with was sub-par Wi-Fi connections across their multi-floored office environment.

Wi-Fi is critical for many users at McGrath that may move frequently between boardrooms, meeting rooms and office spaces. Yet in busy working districts there is potential wireless from everything from office kitchen microwaves, to Bluetooth devices and even competing frequency WiFi networks from neighbouring offices. Finding the culprit can be an almost impossible task.

The Solution

In the early stages of the engagement, sales and engineering teams undertool an extensive evaluation of the McGrath site, its infrastructure, and their current and future business needs – including things like troublesome wireless networking.

Today McGrath uses a Cisco Meraki wireless network solution capable of eradicating the previous Wi-Fi issues that McGrath had suffered. The solution is also designed to enable the business to scale and evolve with their industry and tenants over the long term.

The Results

The Orro network continues to serve McGrath well, even as workplace practices continue to change. As a flexible cloud solution, McGrath will be able to continue to morph their network to accommodate this new interest and need.

It’s also meant that, for McGrath customers, the technology is seen as a driver rather than an impediment to their daily working lives.

Maurizio Fabrizi – General Manager, McGrath Executive Suites said “it’s so great to be getting to the point where our clients are now giving us compliments on our tech services – they can disconnect from the wall port, connect straight to the Wi-Fi and move seamlessly throughout the office and floors.”

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