Orro delivers new SASE offering for customers in partnership with Fortinet

Date of Release


Leveraging expertise from Fortinet and Orro, solution delivers protection, visibility, and user experience to every user, everywhere.

SYDNEY: Orro, Australia’s leading platform-enabled secure network and digital infrastructure provider, today announced a new partnership with long-term partner vendor Fortinet to deliver a robust Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering. Providing customers deeper integration and more streamlined management of network and cyber security systems, customers will experience personalised solutions to their individual needs.

Recently named Fortinet Australian Partner of the year for a second year, Orro and Fortinet are continuing their work to provide businesses with the efficiency and peace of mind that they operate with a secure and robust digital infrastructure.

In an increasingly complex and rapidly advancing IT industry, the implementation of a SASE framework allows businesses to ensure their clients, on-site and cloud networks are protected with a seamless layer of security. With convergence between security and networking, the new offering ensures that the same level of protection, visibility, and user experience is extended to every user, everywhere.

On the new partnership and offering, Michael van Rooyen, Chief Technology Officer at Orro said:

“Leveraging expertise across both our businesses, this added capability is significant step forward for many of our customers.  Through our tailored approach, together with Fortinet we’re now able to provide customers with fast, secure, and reliable connectivity. Our SASE offering will provide customers with centralised and consistent protection to help reduce risks and scale securely.  Our premise is to secure client to cloud and assist customers in being Securely Connected, Everywhere”.

Dale Nachman, Country Manager, Fortinet Australia, said: “Working with Orro as a strong and ongoing partner to provide this true SASE offering to our customers, we are addressing the key needs of businesses at all levels to ensure a holistic approach to security and network management. As the industry continues to grow and the needs of businesses change, we look forward to supporting our customers with our flexible and scalable solutions.

Leveraging the expertise of both Orro and Fortinet offerings, customers will have access to industry leading solutions that support users across the business.”

Led by a shared passion for tailored and targeted solutions, Orro and Fortinet aim to work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and goals, ensuring that strong foundations are first implemented to support SASE. The offering is further enhanced by intelligent in-house products from Fortinet, that can be layered into the framework and connect with one another as the demands of the business change.

With SASE implemented, businesses equip themselves with the integration of network and security, paving the way for more secure, smarter and self-optimising systems. Combining the most advanced network, security, and management technologies, with top-tier in-house network, security, and implementation expertise for every managed SASE project, the new offering from Orro and Fortinet will provide businesses with the tailored structure required to support ongoing, scalable security.


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