Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Initiatives

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Initiatives


At Orro we’re committed to responding to the most significant social and environmental risks posed by our industry and that have the potential to impact our ability to successfully operate.  Our ESG commitments include:

Carbon Emissions

The water and energy footprint of data centres (required to cool servers and other equipment) is substantial.

Orro Response:

Orro has registered to be Climate Active Certified and is currently undergoing the carbon audit process. We already operate servers from within solar powered data centres and have committed to rolling out further similar initiatives across our Group.

Obsolete Equipment

With technological advancements, equipment (servers, desktops, etc.) will be obsolete every 6-8 years. If not disposed of properly, this forms a drain on natural resources and waste management.

Orro Response:

Orro is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of our Group via multiple waste management and sustainability initiatives. We are currently seeking to engage specialist partners for the sustainable processing of obsolete servers and leased equipment and have already initiated local office recycling and waste reduction initiatives across our locations.

Data Theft

The entities across our Group store data that is sensitive and valuable to individuals, companies and government agencies.

Orro Response:

Via recent acquisition, Orro has bolstered cybersecurity capabilities across the Group, including the introduction of CREST ANZ certification and an Australian-based, biometrically-secured and certified SOC.


The IT Services industry has historically attracted more male than female professionals. As a result, getting the right balance in the mix between genders in a board of directors or other teams is a challenge.

Orro Response:

Orro is committed to creating a workplace that welcomes, supports and celebrates diversity. We are currently in the process of partnering with an organisation with whom we will work to create opportunities for people with autism, which recognise the talents of these highly skilled but often overlooked candidates. We are also working to establish scholarship programs that support underrepresented groups (specifically women and indigenous Australians), to build their educations and careers in technology.

Disturbance to Natural Sites

The networks that we use to provide customers with access to data services have crossed natural sites, possibly causing disturbance to nature and indigenous communities.

Orro Response:

Orro is working in conjunction with the Australian Federal Government, the Western Australian State Government and Catholic Education WA to design, implement and operate a fixed wireless network that will deliver enhanced digital connectivity to indigenous communities in the remote East Kimberley Region of Western Australia. These communities are currently reliant on satellite services for connectivity. The fixed wireless network will provide residents, businesses and community service providers with high-speed access to digital services that will deliver enhanced social, educational and economic outcomes for residents within these communities. This is a key initiative in delivering equitable digital services to residents in remote communities across the country.

Ethical Sourcing

Under the upcoming NSW Modern Slavery Act, our Group will be required to report on its supply chain. Purchasing electronics (often made in cheap-labour countries) and a workforce in the Philippines could potentially pose a risk for us.

Orro Response:

Orro has completed and submitted a self-assessment and is currently awaiting the findings and recommendations of the audit process. A review workshop is scheduled for October and Orro is committed to having prepared and published a Modern Slavery Statement by November 2021.