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There are various channels through which you can raise concerns and disclose information. 

Orro is committed to the highest standards of legal, ethical, and moral behaviour. We seek to create and maintain an environment in which all parties, internal and external to Orro (including employees, contractors, volunteers, directors, officers, customers and other external parties), are provided a safe and confidential environment to raise concerns without fear of reprisal.

Whistleblowing Disclosures

Whispli Platform

Orro use the Whispli platform to enable the anonymous disclosure of any matter in relation to Orro where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a misconduct or improper situation has or is occurring. All submissions are received and assessed by an independent third party. Matters may include (but are not limited to) fraud, modern slavery, discrimination or breach of policy or law, but do not include personal work-related grievances.

Orro encourages all disclosures to be made via the Whispli platform, irrespective of whether you choose to remain anonymous or not. Alternatively, the matter can be reported directly to Orro’s Whistleblower Protection Officer or other persons as outlined in section 5 of the Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Work-related Grievances

Speak Up

A personal work-related grievance means a grievance about any matter in relation to your employment or former employment that has, or tends to have, implications only for you personally. 

If you have a personal work-related grievance to raise, we encourage you to do so by emailing us directly at SpeakUp@orro.group.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can speak up in confidence without revealing your identity by using the form.

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