Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

We take seriously our corporate social responsibility and aspire to positively impact society and the environment in every possible way.

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Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our ESG approach is guided by several priority areas of focus, which are closely linked to our business strategy and our purpose.

As an organisation, we aspire to positively impact society and the environment in every possible way – whether that be through technology, innovative transformations, or our staff programs including giving time or providing financial assistance where it is needed.

We recognise that our ability to manage the inherent ESG risks and opportunities in identified within our operating environment is critical to Orro’s long-term success.

Social and environmental risks and opportunities

We have identified 6 key ESG risks inherent to the IT Services industry, and initiated programs specifically designed to closely monitor and respond to these risks.

The 6 ESG risks identified and their corresponding Orro initiatives are outlined below:

Orro community giving programs

Giving more is not just one of our corporate values, it’s engrained in our culture and something we’re passionate about.

We believe in technology’s power to break down barriers and bring people closer together. And we take seriously our responsibility to treat our world and our communities with respect.

We have developed a number of programs centred around giving back to the communities in which we operate, both through volunteering and through financial assistance.

The Generations Foundation

Through The Generations Foundation, we are investing in technology-based education initiatives to enrich the lives of less advantaged children living within underdeveloped areas.

Orro currently commits $275,000 every year to support initiatives which open disadvantaged children to new opportunities and connect them with the world.

Project Achieve

Project ACHIEVE’s goal is to give children with disabilities more equitable access to education and improved literacy, numeracy and socio-emotional learning skills.

The Program currently supports 300 children living with disabilities, as well as 150 parents and caregivers, and 50 Special Education teachers across 3 partner communities in the Philippines.

Read more about Project Achieve HERE.

Stars Foundation

Orro has partnered with the Stars Foundation in providing a holistic program to support Indigenous girls to attend and remain engaged at school, complete Year 12 and move into work or further study.

The partnership will see Orro support 10 female students in the Stars program at Heatley Secondary College in Townsville. As a partner Orro will also host students for workplace visits, provide insights into career pathways in security and technology, and participate in local Stars Foundation events.

24 Hours for Tomorrow

We believe that a better tomorrow could be just 24 hours away.

Which is why all Orro staff are encouraged to spend 24 hours (3 paid volunteer days) each year, giving back to our communities through volunteering.

That’s over 900 volunteer days every year spent working to support meaningful causes throughout our local communities.

Corporate Governance

Summaries of relevant Orro company policies are set out below:

Speak Up @ Orro

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