Our Culture

Our workplace culture is what defines the personality of our business. It translates our intent into customer experiences, and influences every action, interaction and decision we make as a team.

Orro is driven by three core values: the ongoing success of our customers, fostering a connected and collaborative environment, and empowering our team to be proud challengers who push boundaries.

Our Culture

Orro consciously and continuously invest in building a strong culture throughout our organisation, as we steadfastly believe that this produces the best possible outcomes, not only for our tribe, but for our customers and partners. 

Positive culture drives united teams that prioritise success for all while being genuinely invested in delivering positive experiences. 

Customer Success

The customer is our compass. We recognise that their success is our success. If there’s a problem, we own it - quickly, compassionately, and bringing a solution to the table.

Everyone Connected

Together, we are not just a team; we are a tribe, stronger together, sharing knowledge and always supporting each other with positive energy. We embrace diversity and uplift one another, united by our common culture and purpose.

Proud Challengers

We challenge tradition, we challenge assumptions, we challenge limits, and we challenge ourselves to be better every day. We embrace continuous improvement and contribute to the ever-evolving brilliance of our business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Careers at Orro

Do you want to be part of something extraordinary? At Orro, we’re not just a company; we’re a community of innovators, united by our passion for technology and our commitment to making a real difference. Join us in our quest to securely connect everything. Your journey towards an exciting career begins here at Orro.

Why Us

We are a multi-disciplinary technology powerhouse, committed to keeping our customers secure and connected. We partner with our customers to boldly embrace the challenges of tomorrow, ignite innovation, and facilitate growth.

Trusted Partner

Our customers don’t just trust us to keep them productive and secure today, but to prepare them for what’s next, to grow with them over time and to collaboratively shape their future.

Strategic Advisor

With deep expertise in multiple facets of technology, our customers rely on us to provide them with strategic advice and guidance, helping them make smart moves towards a secure future.

Solution Provider

Our versatile suite of skills enables us to tackle complex challenges for our customers, providing them with complete business solutions that draw from our vast pool of expertise and resources.