Digital health platform transforms patient care at Sunshine Private Hospital

An innovative, state-of-the-art hospital with world-class facilities, Sunshine Private Hospital has high standards for patient care. As the first all-digital hospital in Australia, it was critical that a digital health platform be implemented to effectively provide IT services while reducing environmental impact and the hospital’s digital footprint.

The team at Orro worked closely with Sunshine Private Hospital to implement a secure and flexible digital health platform that enables everyone across the hospital, from surgeons, doctors and nurses, to radiology, pathology and pharmacy to access up-to-date information, orders and results, and deliver the best possible care to patients.

The Challenge

Sunshine Private Hospital wanted to transform care by automating clinical services and supporting decisions across the continuum of care.

The challenge was to implement a fully ‘digital platform’. This digital platform allows all staff to capture patient information throughout the hospital, effectively moving with the patient and remaining accessible to staff no matter where they are working.

The priority was to enable all providers looking after a patient to have access to the same up-to-date information at all times, from the surgeon, anaesthetist and nurse to the pharmacy, radiology, pathology, allied health, right through to the kitchen and entertainment.

The Solution

Working closely with the hospital team, Orro developed an innovative solution to provide a digital platform and ensure both administrative and clinical information is available at every point of the care journey.

Orro delivered the key components to enable Sunshine Private Hospital to deliver on their commitment to both patient care and sustainability. Given the highly confidential nature of the data being recorded and stored by the hospital, it was critical that Orro was ISO27001 compliant and worked to the Essential 8 cyber security framework.

Private cloud

The implementation of a private cloud provided a platform to manage the workload of the multiple applications used by Sunshine Private Hospital. This secure cloud environment delivers the flexibility of the cloud while also providing complete control of critical confidential data and 24/7 expert management of the infrastructure.

Eyes on glass

Visibility is vital in the face of increasing cyber threats. Orro’s 24/7 eyes on glass via three Security Operations Centres (SOCs) across Australia delivers the proactive monitoring, real-time alerts and updates needed to keep Sunshine Private Hospital as secure as possible.

Secure workspace

With a secure workspace, doctors and nurses at Sunshine Private Hospital have a ‘follow me desktop’ that allows them to connect from any device and seamlessly move between devices. The secure workspace also delivers a consistent user experience that makes it easy to access patient information anywhere, anytime.


Compared to traditional hospitals, Sunshine Private Hospital has excellent access to digital services with the secure network designed to support the flow of information through the organisation. This allows people to work within the same system seamlessly while providing the best possible care to patients.

For patients, this digital health platform means less duplication of questions, and gives them confidence that information is in the right place at the right time, making interactions with the hospital team more meaningful and effective.

Orro’s dedicated onsite support staff gives the hospital team someone to engage with face-to-face to resolve any IT issues quickly and efficiently. This has provided the team with a greater confidence in their digital health platform.

Sunshine Private Hospital’s approach to sustainable healthcare and Orro’s secure digital health platform is helping to deliver community, environmental and economic benefits, including better infection control, less time in hospital, better health outcomes and more energy and water savings.

Having successfully implemented a secure digital health platform for Sunshine Private Hospital, Orro is well positioned to evolve this solution for the future needs of patients, doctors and nurses and has created a reference architecture for other hospitals.

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