Enhanced Managed Access

Supercharge your network management with advanced AI.

Enhanced Managed Access is designed to integrate with your existing network infrastructure to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations and helps prevent outages, performance issues and security breaches before they happen.

With advanced AI and enhancements to OTC, Enhanced Managed Access can significantly reduce downtime and network-related issues and optimise performance.

Reliable, secure and efficient network management

Make optimal network performance standard with a simplified dashboard, real-time reporting of network issues and advanced AI features designed to safeguard your operations.

Superior Real-Time Reporting

Utilising the exclusive capabilities of Orro’s network management platform, One Touch Control (OTC), we ensure network issues are not only identified but also reported in real-time, fostering an environment where optimal performance is not the goal, but the standard.

AI-Driven Continuous Improvement

Leverage the power of advanced AI, not only brings enhancements but also implements predictive monitoring within your existing network infrastructure, safeguarding daily operations from unexpected disruptions and elevating operational consistency.

Effortless Dashboard Management

Navigate with ease through OTC’s simplified dashboard, designed with user-centricity in mind, enabling you to comprehend and act upon anticipated outages or security breaches across your network with streamlined efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud Network Access Control (Cloud NAC)

Empower your network authentication with our cloud-based NAC solution, enhancing visibility and enabling you to enforce robust, dynamic policies across any device and user within the network, ensuring a secure and compliant operational landscape.

Adaptable Subscription-Based Scalability

Engage with a model that grows with you through our subscription-based offerings, ensuring that scalability is not only attainable but also manageable, aligning with your evolving business needs and technological advancements.

How we can help

Orro is committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology, and Enhanced Managed Access is a significant step forward in our mission to provide reliable, secure and efficient network management solutions.

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