Orro launches with platform-enabled digital network

July 06, 2021

Orro launches with platform-enabled digital network

Orro launches with platform-enabled digital network

Salvation Army new customer win for new network company

Sydney, 6 July 2021 – Orro, a platform-enabled secure network and digital infrastructure provider, has today launched in Australia.

The company launches with more than 300 employees and 400 customers including Australia Post, FUJIFILM Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox), Bing Lee and QBE. Orro will provide agile cloud and managed services, as well as networking and security services to give businesses greater agility and performance.

Orro brings together four leading Australian technology companies into its business: networking leader Comscentre, IT services company CustomTec, managed IT services business Correct Solutions and open-source pioneers Mach Technology Group.

Orro is headquartered in Sydney and led by Chief Executive Officer, Rodd Cunico, with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the Philippines.

Cunico said “Orro is uniquely positioned to deliver a new generation of secure network and digital infrastructure solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each customer. With operations across fast-growing technology areas, strong partnerships and more than 400 customers that share our vision, our technologies deliver greater efficiency, performance, agility and resilience.

“Orro’s network creates new opportunities for our customers, as well as our partners and employees. Under this new model, we will be able to achieve further market expansion whilst continuing to deliver the trust and credibility we have built over the years with our existing customers.”

Joining Cunico in leading the Orro Group business will be Chief Operating Officer Daniel Greengarten, Chief Financial Officer Fabian Kuehn and Chief Marketing Officer Stuart Myerscough.

Orro Network and Services

Orro design, deliver, secure and manage enterprise SD-WAN and MPLS networks that significantly improve connectivity and performance between data centres, corporate offices, remote workers and cloud platforms.

The network supports more than 400 customers at over 10,000 sites throughout Australia. Networks are designed for redundancy and leverage an agnostic approach to the procurement of NBN, carrier fibre, satellite, wireless and 4G/5G services. This provides carrier and technology diversity to ensure maximum uptime and service level adherence.

Key features include:

  • Active carrier monitoring and selection: Orro proactively monitors and reports on hardware health and network performance for utilisation, latency, packet loss and jitter across all network legs. Proactive monitoring ensures swift resolution of any issues as they occur, while an agnostic approach to network procurement allows for services to be interchanged between alternate carriers to escape trending issues.
  • Simplified management: performance monitoring, billing and support is also handled through the One Touch Control proprietary enterprise network management platform. Even complex network environments can be managed uniformly and cohesively.
  • Supports cloud services and security: strong interoperability with integrated security and consulting services.

For end users, the approach also ensures low latency levels, reduced packet loss and jitter, all of which benefits services such as voice, video or cloud applications.

Orro Managed Cloud and Services

The Managed Cloud and Services division offers a number of hosted and cloud solutions. This includes creation and management of hosted solutions within third-party data centres, as well as delivery of public cloud solutions via hyperscale cloud providers.

Orro has data centre and disaster recovery infrastructure across the country, as well as round the clock support centre service services in Australia and the Philippines, as well as proprietary SmartOptions proactive monitoring and maintenance solutions.


Orro’s Security division includes embedded security solutions across network, cloud, data centre and device, as well as consulting services specialising in the protection of digital infrastructure.

Salvation Army customer announced

As part of the launch, Orro announced a new project with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army project involves a transformation from MPLS to a Cisco Meraki SD-WAN platform, a switching refresh, network connectivity and managed services across more than 350 sites around the country.

The new national network will connect The Salvation Army offices, support facilities and data centres nationally. The future state network will allow The Salvation Army to reduce operating costs and increase network resilience. The deal will also see Orro responsible for network management for the coming 36 months.

Craig Tucker, Chief Information Officer, the Salvation Army said “As an organisation focused on helping communities experiencing hardship and injustice, The Salvation Army sought a partner that could simplify the technology landscape and provide a safe pair of hands. Orro have worked collaboratively with TSA, providing technical leadership and guidance along our technology journey.”

For more information please visit: http://orro.group