Cybersecurity Update July 2022

Join us for a 30-minute Cyber Security update where you will hear from Lachlan Pope, Regional Director for Australia at FS-ISAC, a global Cyber intelligence sharing community focused on financial services. In this webinar Lachlan will share:• Key learnings from the financial sector’s Cyber Security journey• Best practice of how to share threat intelligence with your peers• How to use

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Rise of the MSP

Why are Aussie enterprises shifting away from traditional telcos and integrators in favour of more agile tech providers? Qantas CTO Michael Ross and Flight Centre CIO Chris Locke explore this trend with Kevin Bloch. How have digitisation, increased competition and the evolution of technology played a part in disrupting this $100B industry? What sparked this shift? What were the perceived

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Cybersecurity Update

The ACSC is urging all Australian organisations to urgently adopt an enhanced cybersecurity posture. Following the attack on Ukraine, the risk of cyber attacks on Australian networks, either directly or inadvertently, has increased. It is critical that Australian organisations are alert to these threats and take steps to adopt an enhanced cyber security posture and increase monitoring for threats. Join

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Let’s get SASE with Kevin Bloch

Join us for our final Fireside event of 2021. In this session, technologist Kevin Bloch leads a panel of industry experts as they explore the emerging cloud-first network security architecture coined by Gartner as Secure Access Service Edge, or as it’s affectionately known, SASE. Our panellists will review the market drivers spurring the growth of SASE – from transitions to

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Quarterly Security Update Oct 2021

Join us for our next quarterly security update.   The world of cybersecurity is evolving at a rapid pace. In these sessions, we review the current cybersecurity landscape including recent data breaches and emerging threats – and discuss how they relate to your own cybersecurity challenges.     In these sessions we cover: Security 101: A foundational look at security, including

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NFP Security Webinar

All not-for-profits (NFPs) are vulnerable to cyber-attacks including unauthorised access to information, hacking, data breaches, viruses and phishing. In this webinar we will look at the privacy law context for data security obligations, and provide insights from recent cyber-attacks and data breaches. Does your organisation? Conduct e-commerce on its website, such as processing donations or event registrations? Store and transfer

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Accelerating The Digital Experience

The cloud conversation has changed. 5 years ago, a move to the cloud was primarily for improved TCO, security and scalability. Today, it’s all about efficiency gains. Organisations that leverage cloud successfully, bring new capabilities to market more quickly, innovate more easily, and scale more efficiently – those that don’t risk being left behind. Join Orro COO, Dan Greengarten and

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Delivering Disruption with Kevin Bloch

Join us as we host our first virtual Fireside event as Orro. In this exclusive session, technologist Kevin Bloch leads a panel of industry experts as they explore the changing architectures of the network, cloud, security, applications and collaboration – and discuss the impact on tomorrow’s enterprise architecture. In this session, Kevin is keen to uncover: What are the challenges

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