Learn why the SASE framework is gaining traction

Learn why the SASE framework is gaining traction

In 2019, digital transformation started driving the need for the secure, scalable, low latency convergence of WAN edge infrastructure and network security.

Driven by the pandemic, today’s hybrid organisations have been forced to speed up their digital transformation to support their changing needs. The network perimeter has almost completely disappeared with more users, devices, services and data outside of the safety of corporate walls.

Users require an uninterrupted experience. In order to keep up with demand, networks need to be cloud-driven, data-optimised, and always secure.

Enter SASE –  Secure Access Service Edge.

SASE is an emerging cybersecurity concept first described by Gartner in the August 2019 report ‘The Future of Network Security in the Cloud’ and expanded upon in their 2021 ‘Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence’.

Based on a more user centric mindset, SASE combines network security with WAN capabilities to support the ever changing secure access needs of organisations- enabling zero trust while simplifying security management.

The team at Orro can show you how you can revolutionise and deliver secure connectivity for an outstanding customer experience using a SASE framework.

  • Connect your workforce seamlessly to applications in any environment from any location.
  • Control access through a simplified, cloud-native security service and unified policy enforcement.
  • Converge networking and security functions with an integrated approach that can meet multi-cloud demands at scale.

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