Cybersecurity Update July 2022

July 27, 2022

Cybersecurity Update July 2022

Join us for a 30-minute Cyber Security update where you will hear from Lachlan Pope, Regional Director for Australia at FS-ISAC, a global Cyber intelligence sharing community focused on financial services.

In this webinar Lachlan will share:
• Key learnings from the financial sector’s Cyber Security journey
• Best practice of how to share threat intelligence with your peers
• How to use small business agility to respond to Cyber requirements

Orro Cyber Security Incident Response Team Lead, Jason Koch will also provide our regular update on current and emerging threats.

The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Centre is the only global cyber intelligence sharing community solely focused on financial services. The organisation leverages its intelligence platform, resiliency resources, and a trusted peer-to-peer network of experts to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to Cyber threats.

27th July | 1:00pm AEST


Jason Koch
Cyber Security Incident Response Team Lead
  Lachlan Pope
Regional Director for Australia


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