Employee Referral Program

Orro Employee Referral Program

Do you know someone perfect for us?
Refer them and get rewarded.
It's a win-win-kaching!

Introduce us

What’s an Employee Referral Program?

It’s simple…

We want to hire the very best people into the business.

And you want to work with good, smart people that you know.

So introduce us to the best people you know for our business, and we’ll introduce you to some sweet rewards!

What are the Terms & Conditions of the Employee Referral Program?

  1. Your candidate must successfully complete 6 months of service with us.
  2. You must still be employed with us once your candidate has completed their 6 months of service.
  3. Your candidate must apply directly to us, via Seek, LinkedIn or the Orro website in order to be eligible for the Referral Program.  CVs of interested candidates can also be forwarded to HR@orro.group.
  4. The candidate must mention your name within their cover letter, email, or in the space provided on the Orro website application form.
  5. Australian employees are eligible to received AUD4,000 (including Superannuation) and Philippines employees are eligible to received PHP4,000.

For more information regarding the Orro Employee Referral Program, please reach out to HR@orro.group.

Rewards you say? Tell me more…

In return for your referral, we’ll give you $4,000 including Super (for Australian employees) or P4,000 (for Philippines employees).

You will also have the option to have us donate a portion of your referral reward to a charity or cause of your choice, on your behalf

What is the business impact of SASE?

On the front end, SASE empowers remote and mobile workforces. This makes it an enabler for the modern hybrid user, brought to the fore by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The modern hybrid user relies on multiple devices, from multiple locations. They access technology services delivered via public cloud, SaaS-based workflow applications and traditional applications delivered from the data centre. This includes collaboration tools and rich video content providers.

SASE allows users to freely engage with these technologies in a secure and controlled environment.

On the back end, SASE grants visibility and control of cloud-based apps and data. It also migrates the security stack to the cloud.

The business benefits include enabling secure multi-cloud networking and providing secure Direct Internet access (DIA) broadband links for remote branches and roaming users. SASE provides access to SaaS without the performance hit – and thus productivity hit – associated with backhauling traffic to a corporate office.

As a result, SASE allows businesses to get the most from their people, wherever they are, without compromising on security.