Why Businesses Are Switching to SD-WAN

SD-WAN was named “the most disruptive technology” of 2019 and its uptake continues to swell among enterprises around the world. In this post we take a look at what is driving the global shift to SD-WAN technology and the key benefits for companies switching from MPLS to a Software-Defined Wide Area Network. The Global SD-WAN Takeover SD-WAN’s rise has been

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Decoding the Cloud

When the cloud was first taking off, I remember having many conversations with friends and family who seemed dumbfounded by the concept. “I really don’t understand the cloud, like, where is the USB stick?” “Where is the data being stored if not on my computer or an external hard drive?” “Can I trust whoever it is that owns this ‘cloud’

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You Need to Review Your Network Now

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that just as the sun will rise in the East, service provider renewals will roll around before you’ve had a chance to properly consider your options. For some business services, allowing the contract to roll over may be a safe bet. But reviewing your WAN environment well before the end of your contract term can

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How to Save on Business Telco Costs

Are you paying too much for telecommunications? Could your business pay less and receive a better service?  We’re finding many businesses are using telco services that are a poor fit for their needs – impeding the efficiencies that can free up budget to stimulate innovation, opportunity and growth. We’ve found there are three primary reasons why businesses come to market for

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